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How you've helped Huckster Artistry become a reality. 

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our body adornment and home decor, knows they are getting an authentic and quality Huckster Artistry product worthy of the most whimsical hearts.

-Maria Urias
Huckster Artistry CEO

How My 11 Year Old Niece Inspired Me To Create Huckster Artistry

My name is Maria and this is the story of how I became motivated and confident enough to change my entire life. It all happened in an unexpected way. 
I'm the founder of this lovely little boutique.  Before I created Huckster Artistry, I was stuck in a limiting state of mind.

I was working in a field far from my degree in art and metal-smithing and even farther from my dream of being a designer. I would fantasize about my desire of being my own boss...and even though I was working toward my goal in my free time, I was doing it in a very slow and doubtful manner. I was not motivated at all. I did not feel confident and I certainly didn't feel capable.

To be honest, I was afraid. I was Afraid of failing, afraid I wasn't good enough, and afraid I wasn't strong enough.

I didn't know then, but my entire life was going to change forever.

In the early summer of 2014, My mom was diagnosed with cancer. She fought with every bit of strength she had, but her condition was too far gone and she left us in late December of the same year.

This strongly impacted not only my life, but also my brother and his family.

Like pretty much everyone's mom is to them, my mom is incredibly special to me. She was my best friend and my guiding light. My stability and my structure. I always knew I was never alone in this world with her backing me up 100%. However, my oldest niece, Makayla, was my mom's world and in turn my mom was her world.They did everything together.

Makayla was only 11 when mom passed away; a difficult age for everyone even without facing a traumatic event. Over the next few months I watched my niece go from the happy little youngster always wanting to play; to a distant and sad young adult who seemed very unsure and maybe even a little angry about the future to come.


The only way I could think of to really help her, was to show her that the world is full of beautiful  opportunities, even when it looks its worst.

Helping my niece face this scary new world without her most faithful friend is what really gave me the courage to take the risks and create Huckster Artistry. By helping her find her courage; I helped myself find my motivation.

By telling her how capable she was; it made me see that I was capable too. I would feel the need to step up the the plate and take action on the advice I was giving her.

I was able to show Makayla what my mom had always shown me through her strength and perseverance. That no matter what life brings us, we should keep moving toward our goals.

My mom taught me; its up to us to remember, when faced with adversity, that there is always a reason to smile, always something to learn and always a way to follow our dreams! Its up to us to brighten our own world and by motivating others we will feel motivated ourselves.

Its my turn to share this with all of you, because we all have our troubles and self doubts and we each deserve to know how capable we really are.

When I lost my mom, I lost my closest friend and I'm still trying everyday to learn to live without hearing her voice. It was as if someone had ripped the earth right out from beneath my feet. Without the love and support of my wonderful family and friends, I would have been in a very dark and sad place.

Our goal at Huckster Artistry is to help people see, through our art work and everything we do, that the world is only as terrible as we let it be.

I've learned, a person's life can change in a flash, in fact...change is the only constant in this life. If I'm going to be a part of this forever changing world, then I'm going to do everything I can to cause uplifting changes.

At times, I was concerned that I would fail miserably. We all have those disturbing little thoughts that we aren't good enough. Then I would think of my niece and all of her friends that are growing up in this beautifully scary world. They deserve to be encouraged. They deserve to know they are beautiful and strong and capable. You deserve to know that you are beautiful, strong and capable.

I decided to find and create the most unique and beautiful, self esteem boosting, happy atmosphere making jewelry, art work and home decor for the people that know they deserve to feel wonderful about themselves.  I'm on a mission to help you be motivated. To be that strong and beautiful person you really are, in your own world and in everything you do.

Of course, the road has been more difficult than I could have imagined and I still have many things to overcome.

Spending hours hunched over a workbench creating wonderful works of art is easy compared to accounting and business administration. My mom and I had always joked about how she would be my accountant because she was a CPA and book keeper. Over the past few months I've had to  learn some accounting skills on my own.

I finally had to look for a professional accountant though because its all too left brained for my creative mind. And I've also had to learn some basic programming and web development to ensure you guys get the best, most easily navigating website.

Between creating marvelous works of art and building a business; it has been a lot of hard work, but its all been worth it.

Makayla is 14 now and she wants to pursue psychology as well as dance. She tells me that I am a positive influence in her life and that is how I know I'm succeeding. I believe she understands, through the help of my endeavors, that she can make her life what she wants it to be.   I aim to inspire the same in you and so many others.

We  opened our virtual doors in the early spring of 2016 and the response has been outstanding! You all love our work and we will keep creating marvelous and beautiful works of art to fill your world with all the beauty it deserves.

Thanks for reading!

<3 the world, Maria-Huckster Artistry

I'll be honest, we have a second agenda as well. There is a spectacular plot of land I own, in Eastern Ky,  that we plan on turning into a camp for families. A place for people of all ages to come and learn fantastic skills such as: crafts, sewing, fishing, construction (with natural cob building), and the list goes on and on. Skills that will build self esteem and show people just how capable they are. It will also be a place to just relax and enjoy time with their families in a nature environment. We hope to make this camp free to kids who can't afford to go to camp. We also hope to do at least part of that thru this business. I have a long way to go with this project but its not out of my reach.

For more information about the camp and other ways we plan on helping and giving back to our world, please contact us.

Motivated to succeed.
Motivated to succeed.
motivated to succeed
Motivated to succeed.