Purposefully Imperfect

Purposefully Imperfect

One-of-a-kind -hand-crafted- Functional Art
So…What does that mean – Dictionary.com?
-unique; pertaining to a singular example
Word Origin:
verb (used with object) 
– to make (something) by manual skill.
Word Origin:
before 1000; Middle English; Old English handcraft
3- having or serving a utilitarian purpose; capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed:
functional architecture; a chair that is functional as well as decorative.
4- Also, functionalistic. (of a building or furnishing) constructed or made according to the principles of functionalism or
primarily as a direct fulfillment of a material need.
Word Origin:
1625-35; function + -al1
1– the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful,
appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.
5– any field using the skills or techniques of art
Word Origin:
1175-1225; Middle English < Old French, accusative of ars < Latin ars (nominative), artem (accusative) ‘skill, craft, craftsmanship’
What does that mean for you? 
Each piece in our line up (that varies from season) and of-course any custom design ordered through huckster artistry is unique.

“How can we call our pieces one of a kind if other people can have a similar piece”? –

      Everything we sell is made by a real live artist’s hand touch… We literally feel for any rough spots and round off any corners that might be uncomfortable in use/wear. Furthermore; every piece is made using hand tools (Maria especially likes to intentionally’ leave tool marks or hand file marks organically on her pieces) Keep in mind we are both experienced and skilled artists. Most notably, we engineer our pieces within a specific degree of tolerance so that quite naturally they are “unique”. Though we have our seasonal product lines; once the season is over they are no longer produced(*1).
      So what are we doing to help you? 
As always you will receive a very high quality product at an affordable price. Many of our pieces are made in silver and as such precious metals always have a monetary value. No matter where you go or what language you have to speak to exchange it for currency. The sheer weight of some of our pieces that we offer you for a reasonable fee for our materials and time are an investment, guarantee yourself a resale if at least only in the weight of precious metals. On top of that we will Guarantee you that you will LOVE your unique artisan crafted piece… and to prove it we Offer a very lenient 30 day returns policy* after 30 days we will exchange it for another product of like  value. Most Importantly to you and to prove that you will be receiving a high quality product we promise that if at any time for any reason your art is broken that we will repair it at NO cost to you(*2).
In addition: From time to time we offer giveaway events because we love you all, and want you to know that you are loved, you are all unique and all perfectly beautiful …just as perfectly imperfect as we humans are.

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